Sunday, June 17, 2012

Earth Science 101

What is earth science? What are different branches of earth science and how does this help the advertising world?

First off, welcome to my blog! I'm Cha, an advertising student from UST. I'm here to blog about the earth and science, and I hope to discuss with all of you my understanding in our topics in class.

For 3rd year advertising students, we have NS102 as one of our minor subject. Some of us might over look this subject questioning it's existence as one of our subjects. Why do we have to take this subject? What will I learn from this subject that can help me as an adverting practitioner? Well, as obvious as it is, earth, the environment and all of it's aspect is all around us. We live, and breathe in this world and it helps us to be inspired and to keep on going. But first, earth science is the name given for all the sciences that encompasses and in which collectively seeks an understanding of the earth and it's place in this universe. There are four major branches of earth science, geologyoceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. This are the study of the earth, the study of the ocean, the study of the atmosphere, and the study of the universe, respectively.

As for advertising, we get inspired and we get our materials in the environment. We make them us our subject, like for photography, we make paper out of it, and get our ideas around us. Everything about the earth is what makes us go and survive.


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